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A province in the Lower North, Uttradit has a long history developing through the years since pre-historic time.

The site of the original town, then called Bang Pho Tha It, was located on the right bank of the Nan River. It flourished as a port for goods transportation. As a result, King Rama V elevated its status into a province and re-named it Uttradit, literally the Port of the North.

Uttradit is located 491 kilometres from Bangkok and covers an area of 7,838 square kilometres and is divided into the following districts: Muang, Tron, Laplae, Phichai, Tha Pla, Nam Pat, Fak Tha, Ban Khok, and Thong Saen Khan.

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    Khuean Sirikit

    Khuean Sirikit at Tha Pla district some 68 kilometres from town on the Uttaradit-Tha Pla Road, is the countrys large earthen dam. Built to dam up the Nan River, the dike is 800 metres long. Beyond the dam is a large lake with beautiful scenery. During the cool season, the attractively landscape terrain bursts out in a profusion of colourful flowers and blooms. There are accommodation and boating services available.

    Phu Soi Dao National Park

    Phu Soi Dao National Park covers an area of 149,375 rai and Amphoe Ban Khok, Amphoe Nam Pat, Uttaradit, and Amphoe Chat Trakan, Phitsanulok. Geographically, it consists of high mountains along the Thai-Lao border, whose summit is Phu Soi Dao which is 2,102 metres above sea level. Its topography consists of high mountains covered with undulating hill evergreen forest with prairie and pine forest such as the forest of Son Sam Bai (Pinus Kesiya). It is cool nearly all year with various kinds of wild flowers such as Ngon Nak (Murdannia giganteum) and Dok Din (Aeginetia indica), which grow in the pine forest of Phu Soi Dao. The national park can be visited all year. However, colourful flowers bloom during the rainy season. It is recommended to visit the park at the end of the rainy season and at the beginning of winter. Interesting attractions in the park are Namtok Phu Soi Dao, Lan Son and Namtok Sai Thip.

    To get there: From Uttaradit, take Highway No. 1045. Pass Sirikit Dam to Amphoe Nam Pat, a distance of 68 kilometres. Then, take Highway No. 1239 to Ban Huai Mun for 47 kilometres. From there, take Highway No.1268 for 18 kilometres to Namtok Phu Soi Dao. It is the starting point of the walk to the Lan Son Summit. Accommodation and camping area are provided in the park. For more information, please contact Phu Soi Dao National Park

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